Appreciation – Henry Dittmer

Unfortunately, saying thank you seems to be an after thought more and more. So at least once a month, I will take a few minutes to publicly appreciate someone that has had an impact on me.

This round:  Henry Dittmer                              

I first met Henry when I joined Agile For All three years ago. Although I knew many of the Agile For All team members, I didn’t know anything about Henry. However, in no time flat, I learned Henry was someone that I would learn a great deal from, while gaining a friend for life.  

Henry is a very caring soul with a wonderful sense of humor.  He’s always going above and beyond to check in on how people are doing and very thoughtful when it comes to supporting others. When I thought about this month’s appreciation, my mind kept going back to my recent post.  He completely engaged with me to help me succeed.  He did it in a way that I would respond (not a big deal, not a big request and made me promise).  And then he didn’t make the results about him or this request in the least bit.  It took me a year to realize the connection/results and unfortunately, a year to properly thank him for helping me in every way that he can.

So thank you Henry, you are a model of a good leader and friend.


Picture from Agile For All

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  1. Jake Calabrese
    February 22, 2018 at 1:22 pm

    I agree. Henry is sometimes a challenge to even thank, because he does such a great job of being available and helping — but in a way that is not on the radar, so it is never about him. You almost have to stop and ask, did Henry help me? And really, even then, sometimes you can’t be sure! He has that passion to help, no matter what. It is what we should all be aiming for! Thank you Henry!

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