Blog Experiment Update

A while back, I gave an update on the experiment of writing this blog. It’s time to check back in.

Some general stats (after about 6 months):

    • 13,438 users
    • Avg Duration 1:55
    • 220 published posts
    • Posted on Twitter and LinkedIn

What I’ve liked and continues to be true:

    • People from my past continue to reach out to me.  I love hearing from them and seeing how are paths are different yet similar.
    • Meeting brand new people. On a couple of occasions someone has approached me at a conference to thank me for this blog. So cool!
    • Short and focused.  I have intentionally tried to keep posts short (under 2 min reads).  I don’t feel this overwhelming angst to write something if it’s only a few short paragraphs.
    • Reflection time.  Although the posts are short, I’m able to think and get things out there.
    • The pace.  Posting once a week has been doable with keeping up the schedule.  I typically have about 4-6 posts written out so I don’t feel angst if I can’t get to it that week.
    • I’ve managed to keep and extend all of the good above over the last year and a half! My biggest growth is what my former not thrills were – I’ve moved beyond:
        1. “Post engagement.  Public comments are rare and I have them in four places, blog – linkedin – twitter – facebook.  I get way more direct emails sent to me.  I don’t want to feel like I’m just sharing in the state of “who listen to me.  I have something important to say.”  I want the interaction.” This is not my tool for interaction but building a foundation, a tool for myself and others. Don’t get me wrong, I love comments/emails/etc but I find my interaction elsewhere.

What I’ve liked new in the past year:

  • Topics have expanded in range.  At first, I found I was being very specific to things that leaders can use but topics are much more than what they can use but how leaders think and influence too.  I’ve decided to write and not get hung up on is this in line or not with the blog.
  • That I kept doing this and haven’t thought about stopping!

So what am I not thrilled about but didn’t really fix yet (insert failure bow):

  • I want my posts to have more a visual aspect to them.  Seems pretty simple and obvious but I just haven’t done it yet.
  • Keeping my pages (especially upcoming events) updated/accurate. I always seem to forget about the other pages on the site.
  • I am tempted to change when I release each week. When I tweet about my post in the middle of the week, the numbers are better than on Monday. We are just all too busy on Monday.
  • I said this was helping me to write a book…yep, haven’t started that 🙁

What else I think I should be doing more:

  • Someone said I should be using the blog to highlight upcoming events, yet I tend to do retrospectives.  I’m nervous of the blog feeling like a sales tool versus the original intent so I’ll have to ponder this feedback.
  • Not much has changed since the last update.  I didn’t really work on the issues and I didn’t expand much on the positives.  I’m concerned that I’ve entered the status quo of this experiment; stopped treating it as an experiment.  I’ll have to ponder this more too.

This is post is simply transparency 🙂

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