Blog Retrospective 2020

I’m going to start 2020 with a bunch of mini little retrospectives.

A very long time ago, I gave an update on the experiment of writing this blog.  Followed by checking in a while ago.  So now it’s time to check back in (probably should have sooner).

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    • 375 published posts

The highlights that have remained consistently true over the years:

    • People from my past continue to reach out to me.  I love hearing from them and learning where they are today.
    • Meeting brand new people.
    • Short and focused.  I have intentionally tried to keep posts short (under 2 min reads).  I don’t feel this overwhelming angst to write something if it’s only a few short paragraphs.
    • Reflection time.  Although the posts are short, I’m able to think and get things out there.
    • The pace.  Posting once a week has been doable with keeping up the schedule.  I typically have about 4-6 posts written out so I don’t feel angst if I can’t get to it that week.
    • Topics have expanded in range.  At first, I found I was being very specific to work related leadership topics but now I just post what is on my mind.  I find that I can tie almost anything to leadership 🙂

My biggest highlight that I am now fully accepting:

    • I don’t have anxiety about writing anymore or people mocking my content.  This is just expected and I’m good.  I don’t think about stopping ever.

Experiments from 2019:

    • I stopped posting on twitter or linkedIn or anywhere that a post was made.  I wondered if this would drop my users, visits, interaction.  Results:  Users no change.  Visits no impact.  Interaction – impacted.  I will be going back to posting in 2020.
    • Guest Authors:  Super happy with having guest authors write a post every so often.  The content is great.  The ability to connect when offering and writing is wonderful.  And I don’t have to write a post for that week…winning!
    • Someone said I should be using the blog to highlight upcoming events, yet I tend to do retrospectives.  I wondered if this would feel like a sales tool.  Results:  Keep those posts limited.  A few don’t hurt through the year and it did help a few people connect with me at the event but this is just not the focus of why I post.

My lowlights:

  • I still can’t seem to get on top of images in posts.  Better but barely.  Like this post…no visuals.  Ugh.  I think it’s because in keeping it small/short, the need for imagery feels less.  Maybe?
  • Keeping my pages (especially upcoming events) updated/accurate. I always seem to forget about the other pages on the site. I may have to experiment with just removing them or scheduling time to update them once a quarter.

No question…just January transparency month.

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