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Agile Leadership: Leading Amazing Teams
May 29-31 in Denver

Agile Leadership: Leading Amazing Teams
July 17-19 in San Francisco

Agile Leadership: Leading Amazing Teams
Sept 17-19 in Denver (my birthday!)

Advanced Certified ScrumMaster
Sept 25-26 in Ann Arbor

Training from the BACK of the Room
Oct 28-29 in North Denver area 

Certified ScrumMaster
Nov 18-19 in North Denver area 

Previous engagements
(Conference, Title, Feedback, and Ratings included)

Agile Alliance Board of Directors

Agile Alliance 2018, Stalwarts Track Chair

Agile Alliance 2017, Overall Conference Chair

Leadership Summit, Overall Conference Chair

TechWell Conference, Keynote Speaker

Midwest Agile, Keynote Speaker

DSMAgile, Speaker

Agile Day NYC

  • Highest ranked session of the day at 4.77 out of 5
  • (waiting on the comments from the organizing committee)

Certified ScrumMaster Course

“Our instructor engaged this large group in a variety of ways throughout the training to elicit helpful conversation, networking and candor.”
“Great overview of scrum. Tricia is a dynamic speaker which makes it easier to stay focused.”
“Instructor was incredibly knowledgeable and engaging. Her real-world experiences went far beyond the text book and helped me thing about scrum techniques that I want to implement immediately.”
“I liked that we didn’t just cover the facts about Scrum. Tricia also talked about what it means to be a ScrumMaster and how we can prepare to be in that role.”

  • 9.1

Iowa Agile Conference; “Fostering Agility:  What’s needed outside the teams”

Dave Hussman via twitter: “I dig the way @t_broderick challenges and embraces people. I also dig her use of sustained agility at #dsmagile!”

  •  45 Green (Recommend), 1 Yellow (Meh), 0 Red (Do not recommend)

Better Software Conference – East; Closing Keynote, “Get Out of Your Comfort Zone”

“The best of the keynotes.  Good speaker that kept me engaged on topics beyond Agile fundamentals.”

“Excellent, professional speaker with a great and unique message to close this conference on a positive!”

“Love your presentation.  Energetic and passionate!  I’m glad I stayed!  Thank you!”

“Awesome content, expertly delivered.  Hilarious illustrations – well chosen to drive home the point.”

“I like how you made yourself vulnerable for us with your personal stories.”

“Thank you.  You’ve inspired me more (much more) than you could possibly think.”

  •  9.3 out of 10

Better Software Conference – East, “Beyond Servant Leadership”

“Great!  Thought provoking to rethink how I am leading!”

“Very challenging but very timely for me.”

“Thanks for your presentation.  I feared it might be fluffy but it very much wasn’t fluffy.”

“Very insightful and helped me reflect on my own leadership style.”

“Great Passion and Enthusiasm”

  •  9.1 rating out of 10

Agile Alliance Conference, “Helping Others Own Conflict”

“Tricia rocks! She brings the human side to agile through sharing her thoughts and experiences. Never disappointed with her sessions. Thanks!”

“Thank you for presenting this topic. You haven given me a tool to help better manage a situation I am currently facing.”

“When will we see Tricia do a keynote? She’s amazing and really engages the room!”

  •  4.9 out of 5

Agile Alliance Conference, “The Six Trumps:  Meet the DIMWiTS” with Doc List

“Very nice job of giving us all something to take away and keeping us awake!”


  •  4.9 out of 5

Agile Development Conference – West, “Helping Others Own Conflict”

“Great energy; good information, presentation and delivery.  Good mixture of examples, interaction and concept sharing.” – back of a survey

“Very practical examples and information.  Going back with a challenge to use realistic tools.” – back of a survey

  • 23 evals out of 37 with a score of 9.478 out of 10 (last session of the last day…glad people showed!!!)

Agile Development Conference – East, “Busting Organizational Silos”

“Great presentation.  It’s so rare to see someone present their failure(s) at a conference.  Very informative.” – back of a survey

“Great Awesome High Energy for last seminar.  Thank you!!” – back of a survey

  • 33 evals out of 28 with a score of 9.143 out of 10 (last session of the last day…glad people showed!!!)

Leadership Summit, “My Favorite Mistakes”

Thank you for attending.  Currently awaiting formal feedback results.

Agile Alliance Conference, “The Journey into Leadership: Empowering your team”

“Best session I’ve attended by far. Insightful, retrospective, personal, relatable, humorous. Left feeling like I made a new friend and inspired to get back on the management track Ifled from 3 years ago. Thank you”.  – Example session feedback

  • 146 evals out of 150 with a Net Promoter Score of .92 — ranked as 8th top session in the entire conference

Agile and Beyond, “Mythbusting Coaching & Mentoring”

  • No summary/rating was provided

MICWIC, Keynote: “The Truth Behind Career Ladders”

  • No summary/rating was provided

Better Software Conference East, “The Journey from Manager to Leader: Empowering Your Team”

  • Several session feedback responses highlighted best session and very motivational
  • 47 evals out of 59 with a score of 9.298

Mid-Michigan PMI September, One of four panelists for question and answer talk about “How Executives Leverage Project Management”

  • No summary/rating was provided by the chapter

Better Software Conference West 2012, “Why Self-reflection Matters!”

“The group discussions were quite useful. This was by far the most useful talk I attended at the conference.” – back of a survey

  • 23 evals out of 30 with a score of 8.652 out of 10

Agile and Beyond 2012, “Get the Hell Out of Your Way! Making Self-Managing Teams a Reality!”

“I particularly liked the distinction you drew between groups and teams and was grateful for your candor in sharing how hard it can be to release control. When we do our jobs right we do so often look like we’re not really working, and in a world that can be hugely political it can be scary not appearing to be the busiest or the most necessary person in a shop!”

– Jim Pantelas, received via email

  •  No summary/rating was provided by conference committee