Complete Disconnect

So I’ve had two major achievements over the past few weeks.

The first one (that has no value in regards to leadership):  I can now high pitch whistle using one hand. I know, I know but I had to share.  I taught myself how to do it with two hands in high school but was never able to do the one hand delivery.  I decided to try again as a bucket list item for 2019.  I’m not consistent yet but I can do it!!!  My husband was not as excited about this achievement.  I am!!!!

The second one is that I truly disconnected.  I mean I didn’t get on email.  I didn’t get on slack.  I didn’t do any work related tasks for two whole weeks.  Now I’ve been able to do this while on a vacation before but this time I was at home.  I just turned off all notifications and decided if someone really needed me that they would call/text.  I may not be as excited about this achievement as the first one but this provided a level of relaxation I needed.  The last several weeks going into the holiday season were filled with travel and training.  My mind needed a break.  I’ve talked about the value of mental health for leaders but this complete disconnect took the value to another level.  I learned something surprising about myself – I am capable of letting go and believing things will figure themselves out.  That I have a choice about what to stress about and what to work on without stress.  As leaders – our teams need calm action not frenzy.  Sometimes a mental health break day is not enough, sometimes you need to fully disconnect.  So you can feel relaxed and ready to start delivering value in 2019.

What shall we discuss in 2019? 

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