Downside to Agile

There are plenty of downsides while trying to become and do agile (maybe a future post).  I’m going to focus on the bigger picture right now.

I’ve been experimenting with Agile frameworks and environments since 1999 when I first was exposed to XP and then skip a few years to 2005 for Scrum on a large government project.  Looking back now here’s the thing I realize…even when it wasn’t perfect, even when we were not experiencing all the benefits…there was still a new hope in me for the potential of an environment where we could build amazing things and enjoy the team along the way.

So when I get asked the question now “what’s the biggest downside of Agile?”, my answer is very simple: when you experience it, you won’t settle for anything less.  But I think I want to revise that answer a little to “once you start experimenting and develop a curiosity for what’s possible, you won’t settle for anything less.”.

Sometimes I discredit my earlier years as not applicable because I didn’t know what I was doing, we certainly were not doing Agile right, etc.  Now I realize it didn’t matter, I was still learning.  I was still willing to experiment.  I was still willing to believe that there could be something beyond contracts.

Most things worth while don’t come easy. Most things worth while often includes change.  Most things worth while take time.  The journey is what matters – is there really a downside to that?

What’s been the biggest downside to Agile for you?

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