Elements of Delivering Feedback

I recently received a lovely complement regarding my delivery of feedback to others.  I simply responded with thank you and that I’m truly motivated by helping others.  Yet, despite similar intentions, the results are not always as impactful from manager to manager.  Here are some elements that I try to incorporate along with the physical feedback:

    • Perspective:  My aim is not to “correct” their behavior but support and inspire them to grow.  This perspective changes not only your choice of words but your delivery.
    • Strength:  When I see a hurt expression, I internally struggle.  I have to be confident in what I’m sharing and why.  I have to be strong to continue with the discussion and not flip flop.
    • Empathy:  I often spot challenges not from a place of judgement but from a place of “been there”.  In my experience, when I share the end goal along with my journey through that challenge (sometimes my continuing journey), people feel less judged and subsequently open to truly discussing the challenge.  I’m a leader not because I’m perfect but because I have grown.
    • Commitment:  Obviously, leveraging feedback takes a commitment from the recipient.  In my opinion, it also takes a commitment from the leader.  I have to deliver feedback from a place where I believe they can grow.  A simple question, I often ask is “What can I do?”  I want them to take ownership but I also want them to not feel alone and overwhelmed.

Bottom line…I don’t dread these conversations, I look forward to them.  This won’t guarantee a productive discussion but I’ve personally found that they make a difference.

Do you and your teams feel the same?

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