Difference Disclaimer:  Normally, I have posts prepared and not written in basically real time of when they will be published.  However, this one is very much being used to help get thoughts out of my head. Otherwise, I fear sleep will not be easy.  So bear with this tangent of a post.  

I’ve always had a strong ability to focus in order to get a task completed.  Lately, I’ve had to really focus my energy in the final preparation for Agile2017, which basically starts today!

I know that letting go of other things was necessary to deliver along with keeping my sanity.  However, I’m sitting in the hotel room realizing how much I’ve been neglecting:

My unread emails are piling up.  My unread slack numbers in Agile For All are ridiculous. I’ve hardly promoted my upcoming courses for Leading Amazing Team (in Denver and San Fran) – which you should totally check out (this counts as promotion, right?!).  I should be further along in an article I’m co-writing. I’ve been stuck on the same page of a book I’ve been reading for months.  I’ve not spoken to a couple of friends in way too long.  The list just goes on and on.

I wouldn’t change the priorities I ended up setting but I certainly need to give myself time and patience to re-engage.  I can almost feel myself wanting to worry about the long list and stressing about when I can start knocking that out. Yet, I’m not past the finish line yet with Agile2017.  Plus, I really don’t want to get to the end of the week and wish I had laughed more during the week. I love this week and I need to be protective of what Agile20xx is really about for me and many others – connecting and learning.  I can’t do that well if my head is swimming with what’s next.

I keep reminding myself all of the rest will work itself out when the time is better…outstanding tasks, communication, work, etc. Right?!

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