Have FUN!

I don’t know about you but I want to laugh while I work.  I want to enjoy what I’m doing and who I’m working with.  Yet, so often we eliminate “fun” from work because there is just too much to get done.

I fight this tendency with all my might.  I truly believe that people are more productive when they have been laughing.  I truly believe that people need breaks to relax and clear their minds.  I truly believe that if you want people to be a team, they have to enjoy each other’s company…how better to accomplish that then through laughter?

If you are a leader without an arsenal of jokes, that’s ok.  I am too.  I create fun environments in other ways.  First, I suggest you ask what might be fun for everyone.  For example, I had a suggestion of plinko and whammy games be used to give out monthly tiny rewards.  I absolutely loved the game concept.  We took it further by creating a winner spot of “mystery prize”.  Do you have any idea how many funny things are out there that cost less than 50 dollars?  Bedazzled snuggies. 5lb gummy bears.  Hug-e-grams.  Soft kitty dolls.  It became my personal challenge to find the next ridiculous mystery gift.  And everyone else loved it too.  There were actual groans when no one landed on the mystery prize.

Laughter really is the best medicine for your teams.  Are you helping encourage the work hard, play hard culture?

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