Why ‘Lead to the Edge’?

A lack of words is typically not my problem.  However, I really struggled with naming this blog. There was nothing that immediately came to mind and my attempt to have other people figure it out for me via Twitter and Facebook was unsuccessful.

So I took a step back and asked myself: What types of topics would I be blogging about?  Leadership, Coaching, Connecting, Mentoring, Facilitating, Teamwork, Trust, Reflection, Mistakes, and on and on.  There wasn’t one sole topic except for the underlying application to the software development industry.

But then I know better the key question is not what, but why? Why am I creating a blog?

For some time now, after attending one of my conference sessions or trainings, numerous people told me that I should be blogging.   However, I do not consider myself much of a writer nor did I believe I had something so important to share in a borderline broadcasting way.  So my response was always that I would think about it with very little intent to ever actually follow through.

So why now?

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I recently made a very difficult decision to leave a team that I very much respected to further challenge myself with new opportunities:  moving to a new state and taking on vastly different job responsibilities.  I wanted to practice what I preached and push myself out of my comfort zone.  I wanted to experience that “edge” — where you are not certain of your actions, where you are going to make mistakes and mostly where you are going to grow.

So if blogging is out of my comfort zone, then that is a great step.  Hence, came the title:  Lead to the Edge

This blog will cover not only how to lead others to the edge of their comfort zones, but discuss the uncomfortable truths behind becoming a leader by going to the edge of their comfort zone too.

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