Movement in Virtual Environment

My last two posts noted that one of the downsides is lack of movement when done virtually versus in person.  This was also a recent question in the free q & a sessions I’ve been doing on LinkedIn.

First, let’s recap why movement is important.  Simply, movement causes oxygen to flow to your brain.  Oxygen helps you engage, learn and retain information.  I can incorporate movement very easily when people are in person meeting.  Online, well, it’s a challenge.  Here’s some ideas:

  • Break more frequently.  When I’m doing a training in person, I try to break every hour for 10 mins.  Online, I have to break way more often.  People need to do something every 10-20 minutes.  So I try to break every 20 mins for five minutes.  Giving this break – people will naturally get up to replenish coffee, go to the restroom, check on a family member, etc.  I know – but how will we get anything done?  How will you get anything done if people are zombies online?
  • Ask people to turn videos off for a minute and just stretch/stand/breathe.
  • Not all teams will be for this approach – but you might be surprised. Get creative:  one team is doing a yoga stretch break.  another team is having everyone check in with exaggerated body language, another team is asking people to grab something in their home that is special to share, another team is doing a desk exercise challenge on a timer, another team is  charades, etc.  You get the idea – get creative.  Maybe not everyone participates at first – maybe they will.
  • Start with yourself! I know I am guilty of typing away for hours and suddenly can’t stand without feeling my entire body lock up.  Set an example as a leader when it comes to stepping away for moments.

How could you incorporate more movement virtually?


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