Shameful Promotion

Since the last post was about awesome training, I figured I should do a little shameful plug for the public offerings that I’ll listing for 2020.

Leading Amazing Teams (LAT):  Shortest version:  Level up your leadership & coaching skills in creating high performing teams

Certified ScrumMaster (CSM): Short version: Level up your foundation Agile and Scrum knowledge

Advanced Certified ScrumMaster(ACSM): Short Version: Level up your facilitation skills

Training From the Back of the Room (TBR): Short Version:  Level up your training skills

2020 LAT Public Offerings:

    • Feb 25-27 Dallas (sold out)
    • April 6-8 San Fran
    • May 4-6 Denver
    • June 16-18 Chicago
    • Sept 15-17 Denver
    • Nov 3-5 San Fran

2020 CSM Public Offerings:

    • June 9-10 North Denver
    • Fall/Winter Date not determined yet

2020 ACSM Public Offerings:

    • April 2-3 Ann Arbor
    • April 28-29 Cedar Rapids
    • May 7-8 North Denver
    • July 13-14 St. Louis
    • July 16-17 Orlando
    • Dec 3-4 North Denver
    • Dates not determined for fall/winter:  second Cedar Rapids, St. Louis, North Denver, Ann Arbor

2020 TBR Public Offerings:

    • April 22-23 North Denver
    • Dec 1-2 North Denver

I will also be at the following conferences for sure this year Mile High Agile Denver, Scrum Gathering New York, and Agile2020.

Hope to see you.  Shameful post completed.

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