Agile Conference, feedback from a Journey into Leadership:  Empowering your team session
  • “Amazing talk.  I so appreciated and identified with your story.  I have been struggling as a new middle manager and I feel like I now have a path forward and know it can be done!  Thank you!”
  • “What a remarkably genuine and engaging speaker.  Poignant and valuable lessons.  Best. Session. Ever.”
  • “Incredible speaker.  She’s engaging, funny and pulls you in with a warm demeanor.  you instantly feel like you can trust her.  Love that she shared thru stories and what she learned – felt less like a class.  AWESOME!!”
  • “Awesome!  Life Changing!! For years, I have looked for a speaker in such conferences who I can relate to.  Finally, I found you!  Your story is mine, before you changed.  And now, my journey of change starts!  Thank you for paving the road!  Thanks again for changing my life!”

Doc List, Vice President of Learning at Santeon Group

Amazing. Working with Tricia for the past year+ has been one of the most rewarding leadership and collaboration experiences of my professional career. Tricia is a delight to work with, an outstanding communicator, an effective collaborator, has created some amazing training, and has gotten exceptional reviews as a trainer. My only regret in leaving Santeon is and will be that I don’t get to work with Tricia every day. I don’t have enough superlatives for Tricia.

Paul Middlin, Lead Software Developer at TechSmith Corporation

Few people can provide the level of insight that Tricia is able to unearth. She can come at a problem from an angle you have not yet considered and unstick you, allowing you to solve and own your challenges with this fresh perspective.

In such a way she will help transform you, your leadership, and over time your whole group into a collaborative and inspired TEAM. This makes a productivity difference that is beyond measure. Individuals working in their silos and battling one another at the peripheral edges of their determined boundaries only can accomplish so much. A team that communicates and leverages one another’s strengths and expertise accomplishes great things.

Tricia has the experience and understands the practices necessary to help take you through this transformation. She does so humbly, but with the strength of determination and character required to make it happen. She is not here to do your job. She is here to ensure that you do your job better than ever before.

James Dusseau, Senior Engineer at Evernote

Tricia was my manager while we worked together at TechSmith. During that time, she always knew exactly what to say to get me to see a situation in a different light. She taught me that leadership is more about listening than speaking, and that sometimes the guidance that has the biggest impact is the kind that goes unnoticed. It takes a special talent to lead a team, but to build a leader takes a greater talent. This talent seems to come to Tricia naturally.

Jeremy Raleigh, Product Owner at TechSmith Corporation

Tricia Broderick has an amazing ability to coming alongside a group and work with them to determine how to best apply Agile methods and tools to help the team grow and improve and keep doing that as they go forward. As my manager she also helped me grow and improve in how I worked with my direct reports and the teams I managed. She provided quality and direct feedback based on her observations that allowed for me to make specific changes to my approach. Her passion and love of what she is doing shows in everything she does and because of that she is a joy to work with.

 William Scanlon, Lead Software Developer at TechSmith Corporation

Tricia is a natural leader and skilled mentor. In my role as a leader of teams, she has transformed my career by teaching me practical ways to lead and develop my teams. She encouraged me to challenge myself and supported me in my attempts. Tricia can make a team excel for sure, but her greater talent is in helping others learn to make their own teams excel.

John Wood,  Lead Software Engineer at TechSmith Corporation

Tricia was my manager and coach at TechSmith for approximately 5 years. She dedicated herself to making her employees and the company as a whole a better, more efficient place. Tricia conducts herself with the utmost honesty and integrity. She is driven, detail-oriented and goal-oriented and thrives when challenged. I would wholeheartedly recommend Tricia; she will be a great asset to any team.

Bruce Whitehead, PMO Project Manager at Molina Healthcare

Tricia Broderick is a very special person. Tricia was my Functional Manager at CNSI for almost 3 years. She was there the first day of my arrival during the initial startup of the project. From that very first day, Tricia impressed me with her drive, her enthusiasm, her leadership, and her knowledge of how a project should be conducted. I have been around this business for a very long time, but there are so many things Tricia taught me. She coached, she prodded, she led, and sometimes she even followed. She seemed to know exactly what to do in each unique situation, it was like she was born to do this. Her people skills were unsurpassed. In so many instances she listened, she advised, she instructed, she forgave. Tricia brought us through those first 3 tough years kicking and screaming. She knew exactly where the goal line was while many of us did not even know the game. The day she left the project, I felt our world had fallen apart. But no, we had learned from Tricia – we had learned how to succeed – and we did. Thank you Tricia! I will never forget you.