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For quite sometime, I’ve been doing various little video interviews, podcasts, etc. I’ve been upfront and honest that I struggle to write but talking…talking is no problem for me.  Heck, I’ll even interrupt someone’s podcast (pubcast held at a pub) – sorry again Paul Goddard!

At Agile for All, we decided to experiment a little with live streaming some content almost every week for 30 minutes. (You can find them on AFA Facebook page).  As this is an experiment, we have been retrospecting and adapting internally: what’s the best day/time, etc.  Yet, I thought I would also share out some of my highs/lows with this so far:

Top Highs:

  • I simply prefer this medium of communication over writing.
  • I enjoy the sessions best when I’m pairing with someone.
  • The time goes by super fast. There is not much setup or preparation time.

Top Lows:

  • Really challenging to read questions live and answer – the setup we are using means someone else texts me questions while I’m live, which I feel awkward having my phone with me while chatting.
  • Availability – once a week amongst several of us shouldn’t be a challenge and yet it is some weeks to find someone
  • Still want it to be even more interactive with people – if we stick to the live approach.

I really happy that we are doing this and hope it continues to evolve – who knows, maybe this whole blog becomes a different format soon.

What are your pros/cons of blogs vs videos?

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