Appreciation: A year plus long experiment

My appreciation this month is different but fitting…

My family decided to fulfill a life-long dream to live in Denver area.  Since this meant quite a bit of change, we considered how many aspects (experiments/challenges) we could take advantage of during this time.  One of the biggest ones was for me to completely change up my responsibilities at work.

The drivers behind this decision included:

  • A desire to be a little selfish and focus on my growth
  • A desire to continue to expand my knowledge and skill sets
  • A desire to go out a little further out of my comfort zone (professionally and personally)

In the past year, these are the highlights of what I learned:

  • I learned a ton about learning environments, especially with no reputation to leverage.  I had to learn how to quickly create a safe environment so people could engage in learning with no prior relationship.
  • I had to challenge my creativity in creating exercises that helped demonstrate points for learning.
  • I had to embrace “what you truly need to know” to make learning effective in small doses.
  • I learned that I didn’t loose my client relationship (consulting) skills.
  • I love working in teams.  However, much of my responsibilities for the past year was independent work.  At first, that was refreshing but I greatly missed collaborating with others.  Not only are my deliverables better in a team environment, but I’m also more energized.  We’ll chalk that up to my extroverted side.
  • I learned that helping other people grow is not enough.  That’s not really a shocker that I too need autonomy, mastery and purpose to be passionate.
  • I learned that travel with two small children was doable but not ideal for our family.
  • I learned that I can eat my own dog food…that I can survive going outside of my comfort zone and now have recent experiences to draw on to help others.

I’m proud of this list – of this learning.  I didn’t expect to learn so much in just over a year but I’m very grateful for the opportunity.  After being reminded and validated of what I love and need, meant it’s time for me to return to a company to lead to the edge from within.  I’m very proud and excited to announce that I will be joining Pearson starting July 2nd as Manager of Project Management.  I have no idea what I will learn next but I’m ready and eager to lead again!

I experimented and learned.  That alone makes this past year a good one and one that I appreciate!

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